Prince William has reportedly cheated on Kate Middleton and the internet is fuming

Could you say royalty but not loyalty? Well, rumor has it that Prince William has been cheating on his wife Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury who happens to be Kate’s best friend or at least was until recently. Such a royal bummer if you ask us!

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Rumours were fired up especially after Kate made her way back to London with children Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, 1, after a trip without Prince William.

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And after a journalist Nicole Cliffe posted a thread on Twitter about the ‘Royal Scandal.’

Screenshots from Twitter @nicole_cliffe


Kate and Rose have apparently been friends for a decade, and were publicly close as of 2016. Everything was supposedly smooth sailing between Kate and Rose until this falling out.

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And with a news like this, of course the internet went crazy!


Some really wanted justice for Kate…


And some people had theories…


Some have really gotten into matchmaking since then


Some predicted Princess Diana’s reaction


And then we had fans who learn everything about the Royal Family via The Crown waiting for the tea


Some pointed out the hypocrisy of the British media towards the situation


Some took it as an opportunity to give others the self-esteem and courage they need to ask their crush out, we’re thinking to take the advice!


OMG girl, SAME!


Some had the first reactions perfectly portrayed

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