PM Imran Khan’s community address in Washington DC took everyone by storm!


Like him or dislike him but there’s no one like Imran Khan. PM Imran Khan is in the United States these days and decided to address the overseas Pakistanis in the US yesterday.


After winning hearts by flying in a commercial flight, the PM was given the warmest welcome by the overseas Pakistanis as he reached the US.


People were really excited for the community address by Imran Khan and people had lined up hours before the address to get into the venue.


The internet too was anticipating the community address and within no time, the hashtag #PMIKJalsainUSA became a top trend world wide!


As the community address was taking place, tons of Pakistanis and fans were glued to their TV screens watching the live telecast and tweeting their hearts out, sharing pictures and experiences:




The love and passion was evident:


The crowd was immense!


More than 30,000 people attended the community address:


People were in awe of Imran Khan’s speech:


People were really happy!


People from all over the world flew down to Washington for the love of Imran Khan:


People just couldn’t stop:


Some had answers to all those who thinks he’s the PM Select:


There were tons of admirers:


People were celebrating the Naya Pakistan:




People were tweeting out their reactions:


People were swept off their feet:


Seriously, he’s the real superstar!


People were comparing his address to that of Nawaz Shareef:


He does!


Oooof, what a crowd puller!


People shared what it meant for their families and this very cute picture won the internet last night:


Even the celebrities were having a moment!






There were memes:


Haha, us too!


The community address was a massive success and gave people the much needed hope and vision they were looking for! #PakistanZindabad

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