PM Imran Khan meets Trump and we all can’t stop talking

PM Imran Khan met Donald Trump yesterday in an attempt to improve the relationship between the two countries and while the outcome was great, people just can’t stop making memes out of it! The hashtags about Imran Khan visiting the US have been trending world wide:

The netizens just couldn’t stop talking about the meeting:

Our PM making us proud:

People were proud of the way Pakistan was being represented:

There were praises from everywhere:

Trump even wanted our reporters!

Tips were given:

True that!

People were in awe of his confidence:

That introduction though:

People were also lauding Imran Khan for coming prepared:

Modi made it to the memes too!

Little monologues were shared:

Hazaar khwahishein aisi…

Hello ji, neighbors:

People couldn’t help but notice how Melania was completely smitten:

Hahaha, yaaaas!

Ek bar Imran Khan ne thaan li toh woh kisi ki nahi sunta!

What do you think of the outcome of the meeting? Let us know in the comments below!

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