PM Imran Khan Approves For Legislation To Castrate Rapists & People Are Praising The Decision!

In the wake of the heinous motorway incident, people have been demanding public hanging and castration of the accused rapists and PM Imran Khan has given the go-ahead to table the bill.

The news has been met with joy and the hashtag #ThankYouPrimeMinister has been trending as people laud him for the decision:

People were also lauding Faisal Vawda for his efforts:

People were trending the hashtag to show gratitude to the PM:

Many thought it was a much needed step:

Some still weren’t sure if castrating was enough of a punishment:

Some still weren’t hopeful:

People were proud of PM:

People were sharing the details:


Even those who weren’t supporting PTI were lauding IK for the approval:

People were calling it the best news of 2020:

Almost everyone was supporting the decision:

People were sharing how this was the only solution to stop rapes:

People were wanting the Islamic punishment to be implemented:

People were lauding him for being sane!

Some weren’t happy with just castration:

Some weren’t really having it:

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