Pakistanis Want Ibsham Zahid Arrested For Harrassing & Threatening A Girl!

To add to one of the most upsetting weeks Pakistanis have seen this year, reports from a girl facing harassment and rape threats have surfaced the internet and they’re utterly disgusting.

The accused goes by the name Ibsham Zahid who has been threatening a girl named Fatima Aamir and her family since the past 4 years. Despite years of attempts at reconciliation, litigation and involvement of family members, Ibsham Zahid has continued to display his horrendous behavior. And the issue came to light after Fatima posted screenshots, voice notes and video evidence of Ibsham uttering the most vile of things for her and her family involving rape and death threats.

The story has angered the citizens and they want Ibsham to be held accountable as it’s posing a risk to Fatima and her family’s lives:

Actor Feroze Khan also took notice of the situation and has set up an Instagram page where girls can complain of any sort of harassment/blackmailing they’ve been facing at the hands of men:

Actor Osman Khalid Butt too wanted the situation to be looked at asap!

People have been tweeting the evidence originally posted by Fatima Aamir and are standing by her side to help get Ibsham Zahid arrested:

There’s been a petition to lock Ibsham in jail:


TW: strong language:

The voice recordings were disgusting:

People were calling him a potential rapist:

Fatima Aamir also shared the voice notes of him confirming he was fleeing to Dubai:

And people were losing hope:

People were writing emails to Dubai Police to look into the matter:

And nothing’s ever done about it:

True that:


People were worried:

Every man will be held accountable:

People were upset at how the system had failed her and enabled her harasser:

What do you think about this case? Will justice be served? Let us know in the comments below!

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