Pepsi’s Sohna Tu Becomes An Instant Hit Among Celebrities & Fans!

After having the entire country sing along to the iconic Why Not Meri Jaan, Pepsi is back again with another song Sohna Tu. Featuring Taha Malik, Aima Baig, Rozeo, HYDR and Javed Bashir, the upbeat number has become a hit among celebrities and fans who just can’t get enough of the song!

Osman Khalid Butt who himself is quite the dancer loved everything the song had to offer:


Bilal Maqsood was amused by the lyrics and they took him back to the thought process he’d put in making one of his songs:


Mansha Pasha heard the song too and instantly fell in love with the song:

Self-isolating, Mansha posted it to her story as well to share how the song had her hooked!


Anoushey Ashraf couldn’t stop raving about it:


The pawri girl, Dananeer too, shared how Sohna Tu has been dominating her playlist:


People were impressed:

People were tweeting out their favourite lyrics from the song:

We’re totally on-board!


Tweeple were busy singing along!

Pepsi has always been on top of its music game, from boomers to Millenials, and now making its mark in the hearts of Gen Z, Pepsi has always brought something fresh to the table revolutionising the music industry with collabs that one can only dream of and Sohna Tu is no different. With a beat that makes you want to get up and dance to lyrics that are impossible not to sing along to, to the contemporary pop vibe that the fusion has to the choreography, it’s proven to be a great hit.

What did you think of Sohna Tu? Let us know in the comments below!

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