Pakistanis Share The Most Expensive Gifts They Bought For Themselves & The Replies Are Everything!

There’s therapy and then there’s retail therapy, and while the after effects of the latter are hard to bear, the pleasure it brings you is immeasurable. A tweeple asked fellow Pakistanis of the most expensive thing they’d gotten for themselves:


And the Pakistanis have spoken!




Lmao 🤣


I wanted one so bad!




That’s my girl!


If only we could save up for one too!






Ughhh, same!


You deserve it!




Things that matter:


It better write your assignments itself for you!




Food is life!


Same 🤡


Whatever floats your boat:




10/10 would recommend!




Money well spent!


It’s bomb!




What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever spent on? Let us know in the comments below!

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