People Miss Their Favourite Childhood Toffees & It’s Bringing Back Memories!

Remember how we used to spend all our money on random chips and toffees as kids?

This girl is taking the internet down the memory lane asking people if they still remember two of the most iconic toffees back in the days!

And of course, the internet remembers it all!

I swear man, always had us fearing that we’ll break a tooth or two:

Kya din the!

Haha, we used to call it michis too!


There’s absolutely no arguing with that!

People were sharing how they still love eating them:

Magar khani zarur theen:



Heyyy, no one’s ever too old to not have candy!

Would you even call them a 90s kid if they didn’t remember these?

Nothing but facts:

That’s the energy we want in 2020:

What kind of kid were you? Quality over quantitiy or was it the other way round?

Oh boy, these were out of the world!

Choosing between Cola and Fanta was a tough choice!

Same 😭


Hehe, raise your hand if you’ve done the same:


Stop 😭

What were your favourite toffees back in the days? Let us know in the comments below!

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