Here’s Why We All Need To Watch Saba Qamar’s Latest Vlog About Mental Health

With an increase in intolerance leading to celebs and social media users being trolled even harder, many stars have noticed its negative impact on the mental health of our people. However, many still have chosen to keep mum about it. But, NOT Saba Qamar!

Putting out a video on how intolerance, bullying and trolling could leads towards suicide, Saba has released a video questioning how that ONE comment can push someone over the edge of their mental stability.

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“When will ever consider a human being, a human being,” Saba questions in her video titled, Kab Samjho Gey?. “Why do we talk about people’s looks? Or if we can’t find something wrong there, then about their personalities?”

The Kamli actress goes onto name the many people who have lost their lives to suicide in the past few years, with major examples being the recent death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Anam Tanoli, and Rushaan Farrukh, amongst others.

The video comes at a time when mental health has become a topic that needs to be discussed in all its facets and sans bias. Saba too, makes it clear in the poignant video that a dialogue is what is needed along with empathy.

Truly, Saba has done what many others have been too scared to do – she’s spoken about the hard truth without mincing her words. Her message is clear, STOP being the root of evil, and start humanising each other.

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In a world where celebs have come to just speak about mental health, one has to commend Saba Qamar who doesn’t shy away from saying it as it is, for being brave and talking about the society which still demonises mental health issues.


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