People can’t stop trolling Adnan Sami even on his birthday

Singer Adnan Sami, who gave up his Pakistani nationality to obtain an Indian one has been the butt of Major Adnan Sami jokes for quite a while now. Every time there’s a new political development, people start lauding Adnan Sami. And today as most Muslims are observing a ‘black day,’ to stand in solidarity with Kashmir, people have turned to trolling Adnan Sami as usual:


People picked out on subtle hints 👀


And again, very subtle hints:


Some wanted him to surprise India:


Some deciphered his message and forwarded it to concerned authorities 😂


Many tried exposing him, but the haters thought it was photo shopped:


Some came at him with straight up facts but thank god the Indians didn’t buy it, phew!


These exposing games need to stop!


Agreed, promotion toh banta hai:


Some reminded him to stay undercover:


Some were feeling bad for him:


Even Aamir Liaquat played along:


People were proud of him:


Some thought he shouldn’t be given any importance:


What do you think about Major Adnan Sami and his services to Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below!

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