People Are Sharing Their Favourite Songs By Nazia Hassan And It’s Nostalgic!

It may have been 2 decades since Pakistan’s pop music icon, Nazia Hassan, passed away, but there’s not a day that goes without her countless fans remembering her timeless music and philanthropic endeavours.

The netizens are sharing their favourite Nazia Hassan songs that made them fall in love with her and it’s so nostalgic!

People shared how her sad songs had a very special appeal:

Dil Ki Lagi was an absolute favourite for many:

Can the list even be complete without boom boom?

Agreed, one of the coolest videos back in the days, LIT FOR REAL!

Jo baat hai!

Main jawaan, main haseen!

Haha, we’ve all been there!

Her songs were so iconic that people were having a hard time choosing one!

Our very own Nazia in Wonderland!

Ooof, how much we love this song!

Ah, a classic!

Who doesn’t love disco deewanay?


Still sounds as fresh as it did back in the days!

Teri meri aisi dosti, an anthem that’ll rule our hearts forever!

Such a fun song!

Teri yaad is in a league of its own!

What Nazia Hassan song do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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