There’s An Aamir Liaquat Meme For Every Situation & We Can’t Help Laughing!

Every Ramzan Aamir Liaquat gives us best meme material, and he hasn’t disappointed us this year as well!

After a clip from his show went viral, the internet just can’t stop making memes about it:

Roza rakha hai ya faaqa kiya hai?

Been there 😂

Ek aur tordoh:

Proud parents!

Men, take notes!

Humara sughar larka:

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha 😭

Baji ek ek daana meetha hai!

Haha, all the Atif fans raise your hand!

*mentions it at the rishta meeting*

Lmao 😂

Also, the flying chappal that comes after it!

Babar agaya maidaan mei, ho jamaalo!

Dad, you so funny 🤑

Yeh top karega!

Hahaha, heyyyy, we’re trying!

Itni mehnat se banati hai, taareef toh banti hai:


Omg, phir kya hua miss?


Oh yar 😂

Wow, byooti:

Aren’t these funny? Let us know in the comments below!

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