Pakistanis Share What They Want To Gift To Their Moms & The Replies Will Warm Your Heart!

When it comes to our parents and the love we have for them, we literally want to give them everything we possibly can, especially our mothers, who throughout their lives sacrifice their needs to fulfill ours – they’re just too precious! And talking about gifting, someone on Twitter asked Pakistani what they’d want to gift to their mother:


And their replies will warm your heart!


Yes, please!






We feel you!




Let us know if you find that pill, pls!


Ghar jo sirf unka ho!


She’d love it!


Toh lay aao…






Yeh cheez!


People wanted to gift things that their mothers had lost:






The best present for the ones who have departed:


What would you want to gift your mother? Let us know in the comments below!

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