Nimra Ali, The Girl Who Went Viral For Making People Smile, Breaks Into Tears After Cyber Bullying!

Nimra Ali, the girl who once went viral for making others viral is now going viral crying in an interview after social media bullies get the best of her.

The social media sensation rose to fame with a chirpy video that left people in awe of her, however, things started going downhill from there after numerous youtube videos assassinating her character started popping up for the sake a likes. And people are just not okay with the hate she’s been getting!

Syeda Tuba Aamir gave an answer on her behalf to all her haters:

People were heartbroken:

Khushi dekhi nai gayi:

Exactly, you’re a part of the problem:

People were sharing how she’s just a kid and the adverse effect this could have on her:

Many were blaming the social media itself for exploiting her innocence:

Others wanted media channels to get her off their channels for ratings and let her live:

People were sharing how character assassination has become a national hobby:

True that!

Many found it to be a recurring pattern of bringing women down:

Some thought people were envious of her:

Shots were fired!

People shared how the world is already a dark place and doesn’t need more hatred:

People were disappointed:

Baat toh sach hai!

People wanted the haters to be ashamed of their selves!

What do you think about people bullying Nimra to tears? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. She is spontaneous and innocently vocal.might be the one getting affected with her fame involved in this nasty act. let her live and react naturally as she is..

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