What is the image of the Green Passport around the world?

This very question is certainly not a brain teaser. If you have visited a foreign country, or have met a foreigner or talked to any, you would know, that many who haven’t visited Pakistan yet, somehow maintain a pre-conceived negative notion about the country.

The real question however is, that when the reality of it all is completely opposite; how are these perceptions made, by whom and why? The answer is simple, yet quite complicated.

These perceptions were and still are being strategically engineered; by those who would benefit from Pakistan being recognized as a grey state.

Entertainment industry is the best tool to shape perceptions and mindsets and to build narratives when general public is the target. Pick any Hollywood movie, almost 99% of the movies that show even a reference to Pakistan; depict it in bad taste. TV series like Homeland, Sacred Games and Bard of blood, deliberately have included Pakistan in their story lines, making a mockery of “The Real Pakistan”, leaving all Pakistanis in dismay.

Do these film makers and story tellers lack research on Pakistan? Do they really not know about it’s rich culture, it’s heavenly beauty and hospitality of its peace loving people? Of course they know. They know it perfectly well. Well enough to distort the facts and create an ugly alternate to the truth.

How can these narratives be countered then?

There is a dire need to produce high quality content in bulk and soon. The young film makers in Pakistan have the talent, creativity and urge to do so; What they lack, however, is a sense of direction to positively shape their creativity and a reliable platform to reach the desired audience.

National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF-21) is ONE such step in the right direction. It provides a far due and much needed opportunity to the young and aspiring filmmakers to showcase their creativity. It provides them a perfect chance to produce high quality short films projecting the positive image of Pakistan.

Here are SEVEN reasons, why all eligible young Pakistanis should whole-heartedly participate in this festival:

  • Launch Pad for Your Film Career:

Film festivals are usually the launch pads for films and film careers. Getting your film in a film festival places a crown of laurels on it and earns a stamp of approval for you as a filmmaker. NASFF is a national level platform; young participants and aspiring filmmakers from all over the country are going to partake in the event. Numerous esteemed judges and established filmmakers are going to grace the event. This event will also attract a plethora of receptive and appreciative audience of filmgoers to view your film and help get it properly reviewed.

  • An Opportunity to Network with Aspirant Film Makers:

As NASFF is going to attract people from all around the country, participation in such an event will make for a wonderful experience. It will provide an opportunity to network with other talented youth and familiarize with their work hands on. It will help you to bond and make lasting connections with people of similar talent, drive and flair.

  • A Chance to Align the Perception with Reality:

Developed countries have actively employed platforms of film and social media to promote all sorts of positive perceptions for themselves. Unfortunately, Pakistan has lagged behind in this field and we have not properly employed these mediums for our advantage.  One of the goals of NASFF is to employ the medium of film though our talented youth to build a positive image of Pakistan. It is high time to align the perception of people with real Pakistan and show the world the real heart and core of our nation.

  • A Chance to Help Create a Reservoir of Short Films; Depicting the Real Side of Pakistan:

The wide range and quantity of participating films will help in building a reservoir of positive Pakistani content on the internet and social media platforms. This will help in reducing the void created by the lack of good quality and entertaining Pakistani videography and put Pakistan’s image in correct perspective in the international arena.

  • Easy Registration, Wide Range of Themes and An Excellent Opportunity for Amateur Film Makers:

Another reason to participate in this exciting event is the ease of the whole process. The registration is absolutely free and there is no unnecessary hassle in the registration process. There are also a wide range of categories to cater for everyone’s interests. More so, there is a whole different category for the amateur filmmakers who do not have any fancy equipment. All you need is a mobile phone to prove your creativity.

  • An Opportunity to Learn Web Production from Professionals:

          The platform of NASFF will also organize a high quality workshop for the participating youth to learn web production from experts. This will help participants to learn about the current and future trends of web production.

  • Multitude of Awards and a Chance to Win Scholarships in Top Rated Film Schools of the World:

Last but definitely not the least, the competition offers splendid prizes to the winners. There are a multitude of awards in a number of different categories and the high achievers will be awarded scholarships for advance studies in top rated Film Schools of the world.  So along with providing a remarkable platform and learning experience this event will help many young aspiring filmmakers to realize their passion and live their dreams of learning movie making.


Film festivals in the 21st century exist to inspire audiences and keep excitement alive for the cinematic experience. They can enliven with an idealism that enable filmmakers to share their ideas in a close personal space. NASFF is all about the extraordinary experiences, sharing energy, drive, flair and emotion, while at the same time enjoy the unique and exclusively fashioned film, showcasing the real picture of Pakistan.

When a fascinating opportunity like this presents itself, there is no reason to miss it. So live your passion and Register now at


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