The Perfect Biscuit To Have With Chai: The National Debate Is In Full Swing!





You can not separate desis from their love for chai, no matter what the occasion, tea fits everywhere!

And today Pakistani twitter is on a mission to find that near perfect biscuit that goes best with tea and it is an intense debate!

Bakery biscuits are something else 😍

I mean, it can’t get any more iconic than the OG chai-papa:

Zeera Plus had way too many fans:

So did Sooper:

Candi fans weren’t coming slow either:

Gluco biscuits, all day, every day!


Marie had a lot of fans too!

A lot of people thought its Tuc:

Many vouched for Prince:

Should try:

Wait, lemon sandwich? 👀

Petition to bring 50-50 back!


What matters is the chai ❤

What are your favourite biscuits to go with tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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