Media reacts to Nasir Khan Jan being bullied on TV

Nasir Khan Jan

After the internet viral sensation Nasir Khan Jan was invited on a television show and bullied, many on Twitter, including celebrities and journalists have spoken up against the behaviour of the hosts of the show.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, celebrities and media personnel like Armeena Rana Khan, Annie Khalid, Omar R. Quraishi, Manal Faheem Khan, Mahwash Aijaz, Maheen Kardar, and many from India and around the globe have condemned the bullying act.

Starting with Armeena Khan, she asked for a public apology from the hosts.

Journalist and stylist, Mehek Saeed also spoke about the problematic television stint.

Singer Annie Khalid condemned the way the hosts conducted the show as well.

Initially, it was also Omar R. Quraishi who pushed for people to take action against the bullying.

Similarly, journalists from around the region spoke about how unethical the behaviour has been.

On Instagram, fashion designer Maheen Kardar pushed for the hosts to resign.

Across the border, reality tv stars like Ram Subramanian saw this as an attack on individuals who don’t fit the binaries.

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