Not sure if it was Met Gala or Meme Gala!?

Even though the Met Gala takes place for a great cause every year, most people enjoy the memes it brings with it every freaking year! And let’s be honest, we all dig them Met Gala memes.


Of course there had to be an iconic Bhola reference:


Never have we related more to a meme:


How dare you? Tumhain koi haq nahi hai ke tum itni khoobsurat lago:


Hum ne apni light ka intezaam khud kiya hua hai, our rishtedaars are LIT!


Kambal for the win!


Someone please call Harry!


Wow, time does fly…


What kinda tooth brush are yáll using?


One word: BURGER


Umm, can we call her Kunafa Jenner?


Let’s give it up for Groot!


Ranveer Singh was missed:


Oh man, this has us laughing way too hard!


Lmao, the internet is the funniest


Why you do this maa?


Well, the resemblance is uncanny


Serena is serving… an omelette though!


I got new rules, I count em


Maut ati hai…


Baji yeh dekhein, kapray ki quality toh dekhein…


And here comes the biggest truth bomb…


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