Maria B Sets Major Travel Goals & Talks about Responsible Tourism in Pakistan!

Famed clothing designer, Maria B recently visited the beautiful region of Skardu in northern Pakistan with her family and we’re absolutely loving her videos and pictures from her travels!

We’re loving the travel vibes Maria B is giving us, here’s an uber-cute selfie of the couple!


Maria B is setting Major Goals for all the working women!

Leading a huge clothing line, Maria B has managed to seek out the balance between life and work so effortlessly. She is major ‘goals’ for all the working women out there who are striving hard to maintain a much needed balance. Maria B chose to vacation with her family showing us how important it is for one to enjoy some quality time with our loved ones. Relaxing trips with the family are the best possible means to take one’s mind off work and focus on some much needed peaceful moments, building memories with loved ones.

We can’t get over how beautiful the Shangri-La Resort in Skardu is, truly heaven on earth and has been beautifully captured in this short clip. Maria B is seen relaxing with her daughter at the resort.



Maria B  Speaks Out for Responsible Tourism in Pakistan

The gorgeous designer has always been vocal about promoting tourism in Pakistan and is a champion for campaigning about responsible tourism. In a latest post about her travels to Skardu, she spoke about the untouched, raw beauty of the terrain and how it is different from Hunza, She urged everyone visiting to take care of the environment so as to leave it pure and save it from trash. It is amazing to see her working so hard to raise her voice for what is important and using the platform she has for the betterment of the society and the country.

Here’s what Maria B highlighted in her post on her personal Instagram account,

“Skardu is a whole new world of wonder. One that is not spoilt and polluted yet like naran and hunza. I really do hope that we can be responsible tourists and educate ourselves so this world stays pure and unadulterated. Pakistan tourism could be the best in the world!!! Allah has blessed us with the best wonders of nature.”



During her travels, Maria B came across trash littered around which tourists had left behind, she emphasised on the fact that due to the direct flights to Skardu from major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad there has been a recent influx of travellers which has increased littering across the region.



Maria B also took to her blog account and made videos of a forest trail that was filled with trash. Empty soda cans, water bottles and packets of food were covering the grass. The tourism enthusiast also raised questions to cocacola Pakistan, and Lays & Pepsi Co on what they are doing as part of their CSR activities and urged them to pay heed to all the litter that was left behind. She suggested the major companies to start off a cleaning drive in the northern areas as part of their CSR.



Kudos to Maria B for championing a rightful cause of responsible tourism in Pakistan, her efforts are greatly appreciated!

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