KFC Ad Placed Atop Mcdonald’s Goes Viral & Netizens Have A Lot To Say!

If you’re on any social media platform, chances are you’ve already seen this KFC ad placed atop Mcdonald’s, unless you’re living under a rock!

The billboard itself and it’s particular placement has the internet full of opinions, and here’s what they’ve got to say:

Team #KFCIsBetterThanMcDonalds came through:

People were calling KFC savage:

We want to:

The question we’re all asking:

Shots were fired:

Team #McDonaldsIsBetterThanKFC wasn’t coming slow either:

Some shared how the ad is actually helping McDonald’s:

Ruined it all!

People weren’t too fond of the visuals:

And while others were torn between the two, some were spillin’ truth bombs:

People wanted to know who the genius behind this was:

Some didn’t like it:

People did not find the ad in line with societal values:

Some criticised how the woman wasn’t needed at all:

Have you seen this billboard? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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