Tiktok Banned For The Third Time & Pakistanis Have Strong Opinions!

Looking at the volume of immoral and vulgar videos on Tiktok, SHC banned the video app once again in Pakistan. This is the third time that the application has been banned on grounds of spreading vulgarity amongst the country and for celebrating LGBTQ-Pride Month globally.

And the ban netizens feeling all sorts of ways, most of them celebrating the feat:


People were sharing what the tiktokers must be feeling like:

Ata rehta hai:

Masters of snack video were having a field day:

People were feeling sad for Jannat Mirza:

People wanted it to stay banned permanently:

People were calling the app cancer:

Paisa hi paisa hoga:

People were comparing the reactions of tiktokers vs YouTubers:

People were sharing how they won’t tolerate anything out of line:

And while many were rejoicing the ban, others were fuming!

People had questions:

Tiktokers were missing their followers:

Some shared how the creators should be banned instead of the platforms:

Some shared how the government should ban the internet altogether:

What are your thoughts on the ban? Let us know in the comments below!

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