KPK government withdraws notification on making burqa mandatory after receiving a ton of backlash


A notification was passed by the KPK government making it mandatory for school girls to cover themselves properly with an abaya to avoid any unethical incidents.


But it received a lot of backlash from people:


People found it to be extremely bizarre:


Nadia Jamil shared how it’s the mindset that needs to change:


Singer Shehzad Roy too came forward and addressed how the men need to change:


People came forward and shared how men still hoot at women regardless of what they’re wearing:


Some called it a publicity stunt as most of the women in KPK wear abaya:


Some came forward to defend why such notification was issued in the first place:


A lot of people argued that dressing was a personal choice:


People spoke out against enforcing girls to wear abaya:


Many suggested that the detractors be punushed rather than enforcing abayas:


Many criticized how instead of focusing on the quality of education, the government was mire worried about the dress code:


Many were furious about the government ignoring the real issue:


Some believed it was a violation of basic human rights:


People offered better solutions:


Fawad Chaudry too came forward to say that people were free to choose between wearing an abaya and not wearing one:


And while many were opposing the notification, there were people who were supporting this notification and wanted it to be implemented all over the country:


After a ton of criticism the government decided to withdraw the notification, claiming that it doesn’t believe in compulsion:


And the decision was lauded by many:


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  1. i think although all thinks and aspects and opinions are fine but these are all our self generated and everybody has their own opinion as per their thoughts about abaya. but i think i have my own but being muslim and being a muslim state we should follow and think like a muslim, we should do all things as islam says even if we are not doing but we should try to do as we are here to follow and obey islam and instruction of god. and to eleborat and clear these things we can also look behind from where abaya make necessary for women. we should look back to our history when muslims were ruling over the world and what was the reasons behind all these success. Due to whom and due to which reason? abaya make compulsory for muslim women. we can act like liberals but we are not. these are very serious concerns and i think it should be take as much as more serious to govt for the whole country and if we cant do because the barriers of this reign then make some other ways like even if women cant wear burqa then no issue but can wear proper dress with scarf. today shamless dresses are the reasons of these incidents and this is the point where we should do proper work.


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