A mall in Rawalpindi said no to an autistic kid from playing in the play area and people are furious

Pakistan falls way behind when it comes to the specially-abled persons, be it a kid or an adult, we have a long way to go and learn! A girl shared what happened with her nephew in Giga Mall Rawalpindi when her sister took him to Fun City there:

What her sister heard next, shocked her:

But she didn’t go down without a fight with the team leader:

And even though her nephew was allowed to play that day, her sister raised a ton of questions regarding the policy:

And how instead of promoting inclusion, we’re promoting exclusion of the specially-abled lot:

She further shared how hurtful the experience was:

And urged that people share her experience to raise awareness:

As the thread was being retweeted, a lot of people came forward to support her:

People shared how the community in general was getting less inclusive:

Others came forward to share how they often find themselves in the same situation:

People found it to be tragic:

People blamed it on the general lack of empathy that our society has:

She was assured that matters will be looked into by NOWPDP, a disability inclusion initiative:

People had questions about the inclusiveness of the society:

People suggested that necessary steps be taken by the DC:

People expressed how these kids were victimized by exclusion:

People also shared how parents need to teach empathy to their kids:

Some thought ignorance was the real issue:

People were lauding her for fighting against it:

Some shared how the world is tok cruel for these little gems:

You go, girl!

People urged that basic manners be taught to everyone hired:

Agreed, kids are kids:

People were calling out the management for their disgusting policies:

Sending lots of love and prayers to the mother and her son, no child should ever be made to feel that way. Here’s to raising awareness and hoping that we become a more inclusive society. What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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