Jeremy McLellan triggered the entire India with just one sarcastic tweet!

Comedian Jeremy McLellan who also happens to be our favourite Pindi boy and the Ambassador of Biryani triggered the entire India with just one sarcastic tweet. Yes, you read it correctly, one single tweet!

After the verdict of Modi winning the elections came out, Jeremy took to Twitter to express how he will now be cancelling his tour to India and go to Pakistan instead.

Knowing Jeremy’s humour, it was clear that he was being sarcastic about the tour and the show in India, but Indians were triggered big time, without even researching about his show…

After his tweet went viral in India, his inbox blew up! And he shared the kind of DMs he had been recieving

He then shared another screenshot of what his inbox looked like, because fans 😂

And boy oh boy, his inbox was full of Indians swearing at him…. But he came back at them in the most savage way!

You go Jeremy, we all love a good pre-independence joke!

As expected most of the replies to his tweet were Indians straight up abusing him, and his Pakistani fans defending them.

Many said they wanted to ban him from coming to India, to which Jeremy responded with a letter he probably received from Modi and we can’t stop laughing!

And despite there being so many hate comments, Jeremy came back at each one of them so hard!

Also, the fact that an actual journalist fell for his joke had him in tears!

He also shared his brief convo with Modi…

Haha, I bet they all do!

He even tweeted out his email address to people asking…


With that being said, Pakistanis as usual were all praise for their favourite Pindi boy.

The joke’s on them!

Yes, they are…

And I mean of course, there’s every reason to take him seriously

Some were all praises for Jeremy for being more Pakistani than actual Pakistanis.

After what seemed like an eternity of triggering India, Jeremy sent out a really not-so-subtle tweet to everyone who thought he was being serious all this time.

He then took another dig at them mentioning the courses that the degree in sarcasm had to offer, yet another example showing how great he is at sarcasm

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