5 performances by Fawad Khan that blew us away

Fawad Khan

While we’re glad that our entertainment industry has some of the most handsome men out there, there’s one we’re never getting over. You guessed it – it’s our very own Fawad Khan!

From his brooding looks in Humsafar to his pathbreaking role in Kapoor & Sons, this Maula Jatt star has been making Pakistan proud ever since he’s come into our lives. But what exactly are the roles we have adored him in? Diva has the lowdown…



Bringing Fawad Khan to the forefront of it all, Humsafar is where we saw the actor prove his prowess. He was the quintessential angry young man, and we couldn’t be more mesmerized than we were with him!



A TV play for the history books, Fawad’s role in the period-play with Sanam Baloch made us cry at every emotional scene in it. The actor looked so purely a part of that era that we wish that a show like Aangan could have him in it too.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

A show that not only made him an even bigger star in Pakistan but in India too, Zindagi Gulzar Hai has to be Fawad Khan’s piece de resistance where we saw the actor prove his mettle by showing different facets of his acting.

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His ‘big break’ in Bollywood, Fawad Khan’s role in Khoobsurat made us realise he really is the prince charming of the Pakistani entertainment industry! His looks were to die for and of course, his acting skills beat everyone else who was in the film!

Kapoor & Sons

A role that literally no one else wanted to do because of the taboo attached to it, Fawad Khan proved he is the most versatile actor in the Subcontinent by playing a queer character so subtly in the film. What can we say? He is the true King Khan that we adore after all!

What’s your favourite Fawad Khan role? Tell us in the comments section below.

  1. Hi,
    Im Anita from Australia and I follow Fawad Khan so much.

    Regardless of his looks, he is a great actor and all his role are very unique. the way gets so deep in his role and outcast his personality are outstanding.

    Awesome work Fawad and please do post some latest updates too

    Anita Prasad

  2. Hello,
    I’m Marie from Paris, France. I have discovered Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat and Kappor & sons, where he revealed his mastering of actor’s play. Unfortunately here in France, bollywood is known about his famous movie industry, but the indian style doesn’t really attract all french population, even if there’s beautiful women and magnificent love songs. (I’ts mostly because on the other side, India’s manners about women, rules, freedom … is not completely the reality between films and real events) and that’s why bollywood movies can bring to Indian people more light in their lives.
    I remarked the same for the crush people had for Fawad Khan (even if I share the same feeling about his beauty and charisma which can’t be ignored) between love, adulations, he became so much famous… when he appeared in Indian’s movie industry and the opposite, hate, scandals, angers … on his departure as soon as the both countries became ennemy once again. That’s really sad and as we know, Politics and Art are not on the same level so we shoudn’t mix them ! It’s like preparing a cake in the garage !
    This break up arrived to other famous actor’s, who were completely aduled but lost all of this, as soon as the manipulation was discovered a few month ago about the existing mafia, which is true and we must take it in mind that it is the reality “The show must go on”
    My favourite actor is Akshay Kumar, and I can say, I LOVE THIS GUY. “Il est génial”. He can play every kind of roles, sadness, love, hillarious, serious, real facts, … but I also admire the person, what he is in the real life. family life, sportive, and interacting with people about serious subjects, and matters evyone must look after.
    We can be famous, actor, singer, … and stay someone with own ideas, own personnality… the most important is to calm emotions about love and hate, to stay more mesurated on feelings we can have for famous people we appreciate, who I understand can be important when we watch a movie, but we also have our lives and important matters to handle… and mostly, share the earth all together in peace and try to clean it to be in a good health.
    AND WE DON’T CARE ABOUT RELIGION, OR IF SOMEONE IS PASKISTANI, INDIAN, ENGLISH, … we just have to express our feelings about their roles and if they have done a good job in movies…. It’s really sad to see that someone can recieve so much love, almost as a god, and be accused about words someone heard, or someone told to someone else …
    So to finally reply to the question, I have seen lots of movies with Fawad Khan, and I can only respect his strength, his versatile manner to be able to play different characters as we can see for a lots of famous actors in the entire world.
    I really hope to see again Fawad Khan once again in movies, and hope he will continue on a beautiful carrier as AK has, to be delighted to go and watch his next perfomance.
    I hope my reply will be taken as it is, just a comment and my vision… as friends can share.
    Take care and love U all.

  3. Hey fawad!
    I’m a huge fan, love you so much!
    Eagerly waiting to watch you in Indian cinema ..
    Wana see you in action romance and lots…
    All the best ! Stay safe !

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