Gohar Rasheed gets called out for expecting miracles from the government

Photo by Haseeb Siddiqui


Everyone on Twitter feels like they know what they’re saying. Basically everyone is an expert on Twitter!

The internet has been lauding the government over the political arrests made in the last few days, safe to say, the netizens are happy!

And while the internet was all praise for the government, Gohar Rasheed decided to throw in his 2 cents on the situation in a thread on Twitter and it did not go well for him!



In this brief thread, Gohar shared how the arrests made are of no benefit to the people. He concluded the thread by demanding strict implementation of laws, employment and even line ka pani!

People started bashing Gohar and lectured him to be a little more patient rather than expecting miracles from the government.


People were furious at him for thinking that the arrests do not matter:


One girl even lectured him to leave the media industry 👀


And someone bought in taxes 💁🏻


To which Gohar replied:


Some asked him to give the government some time


Lol, someone even bought in Maula Jutt and its release 😂


Many came at him asking where he was when the other governments were looting the country 🤔


Some questioned him on what he was doing for the country


Some lectured him on his naive thinking



Some asked him to stop expecting miracles from PM


Many told him that the PM is not a magician but rather a human like all of us!


Haha, PM hain, chiraagh se niklay huay jin nahi! 😂


Some told him how the arrests were a crucial step to a better Pakistan:


Some bashed him on how tweeting is easy but handling the country is  different


He was bestowed with a ton of differing opinions


And was also called out for not having a better insight


And while many disagreed with him, there were a few who actually agreed with him and thought his opinion was rational 🤷🏻




What do you think about Gohar’s tweets? Do you disagree with him? Let us know in the comments below.

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