Here’s why we are obsessed with Tariq Amin and so should you!

If there’s one name that has remained as relevant and true to his field in the last three decades, it’s the maestro stylist and beautician Tariq Amin. A personality whose star has always taken the upwards journey and has never looked back, it is the iconic ethos of the stylist which makes him a favourite since his arrival to the scene.

Well now, it seems there another scene he’s conquered – and that’s social media!

There’s so much that you thought you’d know about Tariq Amin. However, his Instagram page tells you that there’s literally a lot more you could find out – and we are OBSESSED!

What are we talking about? Just look at these posts and you’ll get it!

Celeb Fav!

Let’s not even talk about how much our celebs love this maestro!

Whether it’s Shaan or Mahira Khan, there’s always a celebrity Tariq is posing with at his salon, which he, of course, loves to share with us on his Insta!

He also loves to put up pictures before he transforms his clients and that’s what he’s clearly doing with Mehwish Hayat here!

Also, did we mention he’s the king of throwbacks!?

And clearly, he loves making his celeb clientele look oh-so-good – and doesn’t mind bragging a little about it, which we love!

See what we mean about throwbacks? Why wouldn’t he though? He’s been the powerhouse for the last 30 years!

And remember, those 30 years means countless shiny, shimmery friendships with a motherlode of celebs and icons!

We mean, just look at how he goes from the icons of today…

…to those of the past! He loves them all, clearly!

One truly doesn’t get to see this sort of connection in many other stylists of today, do we?

Benazir Bhutto’s go-to man!

Perhaps what is one of his best works to date, the iconic Tariq Amin created magic when he met the beautiful and powerful Benazir Bhutto to do her makeup and hair for her wedding! He truly made her look ethereal!

Vital Signs

You can probably tell how much Tariq has seen and done by realising he’s survived and rather thrived in an industry where so many things have ended or have finished off. Here’s one example, when he styled the Vital Signs boys back in the day!

PIA’s new look!

If you aren’t living under a rock, you must have noticed the changes Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) made a few years ago with their official uniform changes and an overhaul to the airline! Well, behind the styling of it all, was none other than Tariq Amin!

A nationwide obsession!

Tariq has branches in all three major cities of Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, and that’s what makes him a hairstylist and beautician par excellence who cares about nationwide needs for hotter tresses!

Celeb Throwbacks!

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#tb #tariqaminofficial

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We weren’t kidding when we told you he loves throwbacks!

Just look at these precious moments…

Truly, Tariq had the aesthetics right even in the 90s!

Look at him glamming up supermodels of those days!

And not just the models, he was as amazing with actresses too!

Personal Style

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Apart from making everyone else look 10x hotter, he does the same for himself too!

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Thanks Huawei for the phone #huawei #p10 #friehaaltaf

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His style is as fresh as he is!

And super funky too!

See what we mean?

Tariq Amin’s ‘Less is More’ Brides!

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#realbrides #tariqaminislamabad

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Coming to his non-celeb but equally important clients, the brides – he loves them so so much!

You can tell how much care goes into making the brides look beautiful at his salons!

Plus, he loves personally giving them attention!

What else can a bride ask for!?

Hair Genius

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#shortissweet #eid #hairstyles #bobhaircut

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Here’s one category we think Tariq is the most obsessed with – hair!

He loves to make his clients go back home with luscious locks!


And he LOVES experimenting with them too!

Now, this is called a true-blue stylist who just loves what he does!

A True Family Man

If you know Tariq Amin, you’d probably know how much he adores his family!

He’s a real family man and that’s what we love about him!

Just the cutest ever!

His Guest Appearances!

If you were probably too young to remember, let us remind you that this maestro has also appeared in some amazing music videos in the past such as Mr. Fraudiye and Sun Re!

What do you love about Tariq Amin? Tell us in the comment section below.


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