Pakistanis Share What They Were Bullied For & The Replies Are Heart Breaking!

Bullying is something we’ve all witnessed at one point or another, people don’t even think twice to calculate the damage their words can do to someone. Sick of the bullying culture, Pakistanis are sharing the reasons they’ve been bullied for, and it’s the saddest thing you’ll read today!

This is so heart breaking:

More power to you!


Iss qoum ne kabhi appearances se aagay nai dekhna:

Sadly, a lot of women and men are still bullied for their skin colour:

We love the pashto accent!

Matlab, eye colour bhi nai chhortay loug:

This hit close to home, let’s try being kind:

Their loss, tbvh!


Kisi haal mei khush nai hotay, na motay honay pe, na patlay honay pe:

We’ve all been there!

That’s a new low:


Never understood why people bully girls for being into sports?

We need to learn to be kind:

What even!

“Kuch bola karo, mila jula karo:”

Yaaas, queeeen!

Wow, people really need to get a life:

Can relate, and the assumptions that come with it:

This is insane 😔

People were appalled at the replies:

Being bullied really takes a toll on self esteem and mental health, so the next time you’re about to point out something to someone (even if it’s with good intention) please think twice!

What were you bullied for? Let us know in the comments below!

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