Here’s How Styling Maestro Tariq Amin Plans to Change the Modelling Industry – Once Again!

In Pakistan’s glamour industry, there are a few names who have been game-changers in their own right by bringing freshness to the industry with each of their passing years.  Tariq Amin is one such example – and a prime one at that.

Ruling the roost for a good thirty-five years, and styling the rich & famous, Tariq has been a name that perhaps the industry can never forget for defining style in Pakistan.

However, now he’s all set to redefine the industry all over again.

Planning to find the next big star of the modelling industry, Tariq returns to the forefront with his model hunt, which is all set to take place in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. What is it all about?

Read on to find out in this exclusive tête-à-tête with Diva

Thirty-five years in the industry means there have been tons of people who became stars through you. Who are the names you feel proud of?

There are very few mentors in the industry, be it modelling, music or entertainment. I have an eye for talent, and I have always encouraged and helped and mentored anyone who had potential. I’m not one for name-dropping, but they all know who they are.

Your name has been part of those few in the industry who have a keen eye for talent. Is the upcoming talent hut a part of it?

The last talent hunt I did was ten years ago. All those models are now celebrities and actors and have excelled. And now if you want these celebs to walk in a show, the answer is “get your people to talk to my people”. And overheads for this are enormous. I’ve noticed a void in the modelling industry and believe we need a fresh injection of new talent.


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What are you specifically looking for this time around?

More than perfection, we are looking for the right attitude, the right confidence and personality. We want these models to be diverse, real and change the game. They will be signed with us for a year so we can groom, style and train them. Their comp cards will be made. They will do shoots and shows with known designers right after signing. Change is necessary. Change is good.

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Do you feel the platform will be viable for new talent and the industry? How?

Absolutely. Anyone thinks they can model. Life has become a pop-up game. There are pop-up models, stylists, artists. In real life, one needs hard work, dedication and the luck to take advantage of a great opportunity. We hope to provide this opportunity to these models and the industry.


What do you think is missing right now from the industry? Will the talent hunt fill in that gap?

Like I said before, there are more celebrities than models. So, yes, 20 models from each city, 60 in total, will help fill the gap.

You also chose three cities to have this hunt in. Where do you think you have seen the most talent?

 We are a beautiful nation. There is no dearth of talent anywhere. Last time around, we had applicants from as far as Hunza, Baluchistan and all over Pakistan. So the next big thing could be from anywhere.


Where can they find out more?

Please follow the hashtag #TAmodelhunt2020. The link is in our bio. Auditions are Sunday 9th February, Islamabad, Sunday 16th February, Lahore and Sunday 23rd February, Karachi. We are looking forward to #thenextbigthing. Be there!


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Shahjehan Saleem
Shahjehan Saleem

The author is the Editor of Diva Online as well as a film & fashion critic. He is also a professor in the Department of Media Sciences at SZABIST, Karachi. Socio-cultural theories and geography fill up the rest of his time.

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  1. The center of a modeling career focuses on having representation by a modeling agency. There are other ways for unrepresented models to find work, but the role of a modeling agency should be understood by the model to compliment their career.

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