National Assembly passes the law to hang child rapists publically and the netizens are debating.

Following the increasing number of rape cases throughout the country, Pakistan’s parliament passed a resolution on Friday calling for the public hanging of convicted child killers and rapists.

The resolution gathered mixed opinions from the citizens, some were happy and some were against this ruling.

People had zero tolerance for rapists in the society:

People were sharing what impact the abuse has on the victims:

People were quoting facts:

People were happy at the law being passed:

People were sharing why this resolution is important:

People wanted to make an example out the rapists:

People were all for it:

People were calling out the ones who were favoring therapists in the name of human rights:

About the time the rapists pay:

Many were lauding the good move:

People were questioning why others we’re opposing this:

People wanted it to be implemented asap:

People were urging how it should be taken seriously:

People were also advising parents to listen to their children and look out for any signs of abuse:

People wanted this resolution to be implemented so that their children feel safe:

And while many were supporting the resolution, there were many who were against this resolution calling it an act of extremism, including some ministers:

Some had their reasons for opposing the resolution:

Some were sharing how this law contradicts the existing law which guarantees the dignity of the guilty:

Some were more in favour of torturing the rapist:

Some were wondering if this will really help:

What do you think about this resolution being passed? Let us know in the comments below!

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