PISA leaves many celebrities disappointed, disrespected and disgruntled.

If you’re on insta, chances are you’ve been seeing pictures from the Pakistan International Screen Awards, a new awards ceremony that came into being this year only. And with the new ceremony, came tons of mismanagement and ghosting which has left many disappointed!

The controversy arose when celebrities like Nabeel Zafar, Osman Khalid Butt, Nadia Afghan, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Ali Safina and Usman Mukhtar were contacted via Body Beats PR company and were promised to be flown to Dubai. They even had these celebrities send in their documents and reschedule their work commitments to attend the ceremony. However, as the awards came near, the PR company completely ignored them, calls were unanswered and they were left confused, only to find out that the management had already flown the celebrities to Dubai via a private jet which was supposed to be transporting awards and the camera equipment.

Disappointed at how things had taken a turn, many celebrities took to social media to share how they felt used as their names were used to promote the ceremony and most of them had actually cleared away their schedule to attend the awards.

Nadia Afgan shared how she felt betrayed and lied to:

Nabeel Zafar took to Twitter to share how he found this insulting to him and his peers:

Osman Khalid Butt also threw shade at how some very odd nominees were flown to dubai:

Ahmed Ali Akbar also shared with fellow colleagues how they did not even have th decency to answer calls:

Usman Mukhtar took to Twitter

Ali Safina took to Facebook to share how he felt disrespected:

Jimmy Khan too shared how the count of his insta followers didn’t let him make the cut:

Yasir Hussain too gave his 2 cents on how PISA should be more cautious and how the celebrities on the other hand let the matter go:

The event that took place in Dubai last night was an absolute disaster in itself to begin with. From what was to begin at 5pm, actually b10 pm at 10pm and therefore the award ceremony had to be cut short because of the hefty fines that the venue charged them for exceeding the promised time.

Another issue that people had was with the so called jury. The jury vastly consisted of Dubai socialites who barely know a thing or two about our industry. Apart from Omair Alavi and Javed Sheikh, everyone else seemed irrelevant. And what’s even funnier is that Omair Alavi was left behind too!

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