Birthday Special: 7 Reasons To Love Hareem Farooq!

We have many actors who talk a big game, but hardly are able to prove themselves when the time comes, and then we have Hareem Farooq! Managing to become a jack of all trades in all its essence, the actress has become one of the biggest success stories we’ve seen in the last decade, and there’s no stopping her.

From being a strong role model to venturing into different facets of the industry, she’s done it all. For us, Hareem’s a shining example of someone who doesn’t shy away from learning new things, and that’s why she’s on our special Diva Birthday Radar today!

What else do we love about her? Here’s the lowdown…


Her Journey from Theatre to Film

One of the few actresses who have ventured from theatre to TV to film, Hareem’s done it all with utmost perfection! Now that’s a true actor!

Her No-Controversy Lifestyle

While so many celebrities thrive on controversies, Hareem’s the opposite! She never likes drama surrounding her, and that’s why she’s miles away from being a newsmaker for the wrong reasons.

Her Business-Minded Persona

Not many actors come into the industry with business acumen, but Hareem’s truly been one who did! She’s not only been great in front of the camera, but she’s also equally brilliant behind it as Pakistan’s first female film producer!


Her Friendships

Hareem’s a true friend, and the industry would totally vouch for it. Her friendships with Osman Khalid Butt, Ali Rehman Khan, Imran Raza Kazmi, Azfar Jafri and more of the Isloo gang have stayed like it is today since more than a decade and that’s proof of how great she is!

Her Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Hareem’s weight loss journey has been awe-inspiring and she’s truly proven a healthy lifestyle is the perfect life-changer! From pilates to the right lifestyle, she’s the perfect one to follow to learn more about being fit!


Her Opinions

Hareem may not be controversial, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t put her opinion out there! She’s always the one to speak her mind and she doesn’t shy away from saying it as it is!

Her Philanthropic Side

Hareem has been a huge supporter of charities around Pakistan and she’s always been the one who has taken a step in the right direction to help in any cause close to her!


What do you love about Hareem Farooq? Tell us in the comment section below.


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