Follow Your Heart Out With A Sunsilk Sunday Episode So Inspiring, You’ll Want To Take Over The World!

We know this new normal doesn’t compare to the old normal, but while we’re here, let’s enjoy and make the best of it! It’s good to see girls coming together, and being full of positivity to adapt to new ways. And if you’re missing that spark of positivity, Sunsilk’s got your back with an experience like no other which will make sure all you divas feel inspired!

We know that this Eid does not feel as happening as it should be, with no going out to see the hustle and bustle of Eid in an attempt to keep ourselves safe. This might have dulled down your spirit.

Watch as Sunsilk shows you how to make the best of this Eid with the chirpy Hania Aamir who will be joined by Aaima Baig and together the two make unstoppable duo! With exclusive sneak peaks into their Eid plans and a glimpse into their real lives will definitely leave you feeling inspired and excited for what’s next to come!

So, gear up to be a new, positive you with Hania and Aaima as they take you on a journey!

As most of us have become super unproductive during quarantine, it’s great to see a brand trying to motivate, inspire and unite people to keep doing the things they love, and even if they’re not perfect at it, they’ll always have Sunsilk to their rescue!

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