This Man’s Long Jump Over 11 Bikes Is Breaking The Internet & Pakistanis Want Him To Train For The Olympics!

There’s absolutely no doubt that Pakiatanis all around the country are brimming with talent, and one such example is that of a man from rural areas jumping over 11 bikes flawlessly:

And the netizens are amazed!

People wanted him to prepare for Olympics:

Oof, amazing!

He sure is!

He will be iconic!

Yes please!

People were hoping someone from the Sports Board finds the video:


Even Shaniera was a fan!

People were hopeful!

Oh yes!

People were in disbelief!

Sad, but true!

People wanted him to be polished:

Many were sending him prayers:

Fingers crossed!

People were lauding his brilliance:


What do you think about this man having the potential to win a gold medal for the country? Let us know in the comments below!

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