Be Tough Yet Soft like the Palmolive Girl Syra Yousuf, with the new Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash!

Presently, in light of the Coronavirus crisis, handwashing is being emphasized as a key weapon to protect against COVID-19. Practicing this simple, primary preventive measure can greatly reduce the spread of infection.

Proper hand-washing for 20 seconds with any soap brings numerous benefits and is regarded as one of the best ways to keep from getting sick. However, frequent hand washing tends to dry out the skin, which can feel very uncomfortable. Good news – now one can keep hands feeling soft and gain germ-free protection with the all new Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash range.

The new Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash range is both tough on germs and soft on hands. Derived from 100% natural, skin loving ingredients, the range offers Antibacterial, Milk & Honey, and Aloe & Chamomile variants which are moisturizing and nourishing.

The Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash range comes packaged in an attractive and sleek pump bottle, in both 225 ml and 450 ml sizes. What’s more, the Brand also offers convenient liquid refill pouches so that its bottles can be reused at home, reducing waste.

There’s a new Palmolive girl in town, and she is none other than the glamorous Syra Yousuf – the face of the new Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash range in the TVC. Looking radiant, strong and confident, Syra showcases her strength and talks about how she feels it’s important to be tough on the outside, while still remain soft-hearted within. For her, the Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash range does just that – it offers tough germ-kill action for maximum protection, while keeping her hands soft.

The famous Pakistani model, actress and VJ is an inspiration for many because of her strength and grace. When it comes to style, bright colors, eastern outfits, tees, baggy pants or ruffles, she carries every style with class and grace. Glam is her middle name since the diva does it so well.

In the new Palmolive TVC, Syra steals the show in her teal dress and workout gear. Her message to all the women out there is clear – you can be tough and soft at the same time. So, like the Palmolive girl Syra, let’s be tough-minded yet soft-hearted, and stay safe the Palmolive way.

By Mehwish A. Wahid

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