Fahad Hussayn Marks A Triumphant Return With ‘The Grand Bazar of Curiosities’ Solo Show

They say what matters most is how you walk through the fire, and someone like Pakistani couturier Fahad Hussayn has proved it by perfectly coming out of it unscathed and liberated.

Breathing back life and soul into his eponymous brand of ten years, Fahad has come back into the spotlight after publicly declaring bankruptcy last year, and this time, it’s strictly business with a hint of his signature grandiosity. 

And nowhere was it more visible, than his comeback solo show, The Grand Bazar of Curiosities. 

Creating a true spatial experience at the historical Wazir Khan Baradari that encompassed the Fahad Hussayn ideology in each of its niches and nooks, the solo show featuring the designer’s Sao Banjara collection worked more like a set of interactive installation art pieces where every corner had a story to tell that ranged from a gypsy’s dance to a beautifully-crafted haremeqsue couture room, brimming with 72 statement ensembles.

In many senses, this was like walking into Fahad Hussayn’s inner sanctum. A walk into the laborious creative genius that the designer has showcased for all his years in the industry, and all that he still has on offer. In the past, not many have been able to execute such large exhibits with this much detail, but truly, The Grand Bazar of Curiosities marks a time when Fahad has shown many other contemporaries how to do a solo show right.

After all, there aren’t many designers  out there who could showcase a kaleidoscope of couture and bridal wear, along with one of a kind custom woven Banarsi ensembles at one place, like Fahad, and still allow each ensemble to retain an individuality.

Speaking about creating this experience and also living through a journey of resurrection, Fahad spoke of what the solo show means for him.

“The journey to creation is always painful. It takes months of design, processing, and laborious crafting hours. For me it’s tough but unless I’m done with my music , my styling and my campaign, nothing is complete for me,” Fahad noted. “I’m extremely particular about the work I produce for my brand. In my entire past career I’ve had to struggle with shows because I make big collections and I could never show them in one spot , and have never had the chance to execute them the way I’ve wanted.”

Adding how this is truly one of the first times where he could feel that a solo show could show everything the designer stands for, Fahad noted how Sao Banjara feels like a complete collection to him.

“Sao Banjara is truly what my work stands for – immersion of multiple art forms, unique elements, and classic palettes with individuality,” he said. “On my end, it is a complete collection that features 72 designs catering to all kinds of markets, niche and  masses, and I am super thrilled and excited to put it out for everyone!”

And, we agree.

In many ways, this is the first time that Fahad has managed to create a larger than life experience that isn’t just limited to the runway. There was no larger council dictating each and every moment of the show. It was only and solely Fahad’s time to shine, and he didn’t flinch once. He was allowed to let his creative juices flow, without a hindrance, proving that it was a fruitful time for Fahad to come into his own individuality in the perfect way.

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For someone who could execute such a large, high-quality and haute-concept collection, where seventy-two individual outfits stood out from one another, this was a triumphant victory for Fahad Hussayn.

He’s back, and no one’s taking him down anytime sooner.


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