Every Healthcare Starter Pack Since 1990s: Pakistanis Can’t Help But Keep Adding More!

Every time someone at home falls sick, our moms have a basic healthcare pack ready and no, it’s not your typical health pack!
Indigestion or over-eating: 7up
Flu: Vicks Vapor Rub, everywhere!
Headache: Disprin
Flu, fever and cough: the iconic Johar Joshanda!

Someone on Twitter shared this very starter pack saying it was the 1990s healthcare, and Pakistanis are ready to fight because its still their main healthcare today with the addition of a few more things:

For every pain:

Still does the job!

Ah, the heartburns!


Ooof, the way this tastes 😭

We’ve all been there:

We agree!



From sun-block to dark spots to acne to anti-ageing, it really was everything!

It still can’t!

Jo baat hai!


The healthcare scheme is even endorsed by moms today!


We just added it to the scheme, nothing works better than Disprin!


Do you have the same healthcare today? Let us know in the comments below!

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