Top Trend On Twitter: Minal Khan & Her Green Dress Offends Many & Netizens Have Found A Solution!

Newlyweds Ahsan and Minal are having the time of their lives as they enjoy their vacation in Maldives and Dubai. Sharing the experience with fans via their posts and stories, the two have been quite the talk!

A few days back, Ahsan shared a picture of the two at the Maldives captioned ‘live and let live,’ which triggered a ton of people as they seemed to have a problem with Minal’s dress:
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And while some were questioning her choice of attire, others were busy fixing it!

Squid Game meets Minal Khan!



Levitating Minal 😲


Meme calendar was updated:



Lo bhaee!


Sukkur 🤣

Lmao, people came out with a full collection:





They sure are:

And while others were busy ‘fixing’ the problem, many believed there was nothing that needed to be fixed in the first place:



What do you think of the awaam’s reaction? Let us know in the comments below!

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