Ducky gets blamed by Queen Froggy for mob attack, he denies!

Sham Idrees

Pakistani-Canadian Youtubers Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy were attacked by a mob in Karachi on Sunday evening as they made their way to Ocean Mall for a meet and greet with their fans.

Part of an ongoing conflict between the Canadian vloggers and Pakistani Youtuber Ducky Bhai, the escalation was recorded on video when fans of ‘Ducky Bhai’ arrived at the venue and started harassing Sham and Froggy to the point of physical manhandling.


After the video became viral, Sham took to social media to blame Ducky for the assault.


Froggy also posted a video on Youtube, where she explained what had happened.

Since then, Ducky has refuted claims of him being involved and have released an official statement.

In response to the ongoing situation, vloggers Mooroo and Zaid Ali T have also given their official statements.


Fans on both sides too have also given their opinion on the clash.

While some are supporting the attack…

Others are condemning the situation…

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