Diva Files: The New A-Z of Fashion That Pakistan Needs To Know!

Fashion in Pakistan is everchanging, and there are people in the industry who come and go. However, out of the many names that exist, there are some that come and stay forever by becoming the stalwarts people can’t help but know and love.

They are the names that people have come to know as the game-changers, and with each passing day, there are additions to the list of the diamonds in the rough who need to be recognised.

Who exactly are these mix of the legendary and the up and coming?

Diva has the list with the new A-Z of fashion everyone needs to know…


A  is for

AlKaram:  for bringing a massive change in the market with MAK.

Alee Hasan: For experimenting with great editorial photography.

Ashna Khan: For creating photography that looks like pure art.

Aimal Khan: For sizzling the modelling industry!

Anam Malik: For proving a model is both style and glamour in one!


B is for

Bunto Kazmi: For forever being the icon of the industry that nobody could ever change.

Bloggers! Catty, chatty and all about fashion life, we can’t help but follow them!


C is for

Chapter 2: For being the new icon of the industry! Best in craft and equally innovative.


D is for

Depilex: For their level of makeup domination with MM Makeup and being in the industry for three decades!

Deepak n Fahad: For bringing innovation into the menswear market


E is for

Élan: For introducing Pakistan to opulent and indulgent luxury prêt in all its facets!

Emraan Rajput: For proving that menswear can be classy and luxurious both.

Eman Suleman: For being the edgy diva with all the right spunk, who we can’t help but notice!

F is for

Faraz Manan: For making Pakistani couture an internationally selling commodity!

Faiza Saqlain: For proving her innovation and brilliance in design and becoming one of the most sought after names in the industry!

Fatima Nasir: For bringing a new edge to makeup and styling!

Farwa Kazmi: For dominating the runway and proving she can walk that walk!


G is for

GulAhmed: For being the stalwart of the industry who has proven that nothing beats legends!


H is for

Hum Showcase & Hum Style Awards: For being forerunners of it all by bringing a new perspective to style and fashion to the Pakistani fabric.

Hussain Rehar: For proving Pakistan can accept edgy and eccentric!

HSY: For showing the world what opulence, luxury and craft look like into one!

Hashim Ali: For creating art in every project and leaving people awestruck!

Hamza Khan Baande: For proving that brilliance in photography comes with a great aesthetic.

I is for

Influencers: For making sure that we are obsessed with them and we can’t forget them!

Ismail Farid: For proving timeless classic menswear is pure joy!


J is for

Jealousy: For making us believe that everyone hates everyone and people think loyalties could be bought!

K is for

Khaadi: For being the torchbearers of Pakistani craft and redefinition of style!

Kiran Malik: For proving that style is innate and is so amazing when done right!

Khoji (Tabesh Khoja):  For creating a world of influence through his panache and style!


L is for

Lawn: For becoming the identity of Pakistani cloth and craft around the world.

Lux Style Awards: For proving that style, fashion and entertainment go hand in hand!

Limelight: For becoming one of the most sought after prêt brands in a matter of years!


M is for

MM Makeup: For creating waves in the world of Pakistani beauty brands.

 MHM: For his effortlessly brilliant photography skills.

Mushk Kaleem: For proving that a model could be extremely beautiful, versatile and have brains to kill!

Maria B: For being a resilient designer and a smart entrepreneur!

Maliha Rehman: For reviving the art of credible fashion journalism


N is for

Nabila: For creating a business empire out of her skillset!

Nomi Ansari: For proving that not everyone can be a king of colour like him!

9lines: For breathing fresh energy into funky ensembles!

Nishat Linen: For proving that simple innovation works best.


O is for

Outfitters: For becoming the nation’s favourite high street brand! Can anyone get over them? We don’t think so!


P is for

PR: For proving any situation can be spin doctored or controlled if done right!


Q is for

Qasim Liquat: For proving to the whole world that he is the new big thing who deserves every recognition he gets!


R is for

Rizwan Beyg: For always believing in pure craft and classic silhouettes.

Rizwan Ul Haq: For being a stalwart in photography and proving art is beyond measure

Republic by Omar Farooq: For making menswear bigger and better every passing year!


S is for

Sana Safinaz: For making their brand the true story of Pakistani couture, lawn and prêt!

Shehla Chatoor: For painstakingly creating the best bridals that could be handmade!

Sania Maskatiya: For proving going international is a dream she could make a reality!

Sadaf Kanwal: For being the face of the modern-day Pakistani supermodel.

Shoaib Khan: For creating transformations that harness the real power of makeup and skills.

Shahbaz Shazi: For his photography skills that make his subject shine the brightest!

Shayan Sherwani: For showing us that he’s a total one-man army of photography skills!


T is for

Toni & Guy North Pakistan: For being the brainchild behind bringing edgy styles to hair in Pakistan.

Tariq Amin: For being the bastion of luxury in styling and makeup in Pakistan!


U is for

Umar Sayeed: For his love of the classic eastern silhouette and his innovative skills

U & I by Umar & Imrana: For bringing Pakistani craft more importance

Umair Bin Nisar: For proving that the concept of being the boy wonder is oh-so-true with his photography!


V is for

Vaneeza Ahmed: For being a name that can never be replaced! No one brings that oomph that Vinnie brought.


W is for

Wardha Saleem: For showing us that fashion is fluid, and culture is central with her love for block printing and fusions of colour and craft!


X is for

“X-cuse me I want the front row!:”  No, you don’t need it and no one knows you!


Y is for

Yasser Dar (Yash): For showing us that style is innate and good looks just add to the complete package that he is!

Z is for

Zaheer Abbas: For creating couture that is at par with the international list of designers!

Zara Abid: For becoming the diva of the industry with her beauty and brilliant walk!

Zero Makeup: For proving that the no-makeup look has a million and one fans!

Zara Shahjahan: For creating beautiful craft with a touch of soul!



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