‘Mother from another brother’ – Umar Akmal trends on Twitter in India after caption goes viral!

The internet never forgets, and we don’t think Umar Akmal will either! The cricketer went viral all over social media for posting a photo to twitter with a poorly constructed caption, what was supposed to be ‘brother from another mother’ ended up being ‘mother from another brother:’

Realizing the blunder he’d made in the caption, Umar quickly deleted the tweet but it was a little too late because screenshots were taken and the caption made him a top trend in India with the hashtag #UmarAkmalQuotes:

The entertainment-starved neighbors kept themselves thoroughly amused as they churned out one meme after another:

Wait, is that how it works?

Kehna kya chahtay ho bhai?

Some actually went this far for a trend 😂

Some were loving the whole Umar Akmal mood:



Or do they not?

I mean, Umar Akmal isn’t the only one:

He had me at Aristotle Akmal:

Not quite how we remember the quote:

No, no. No!

Kya baat hai:

What even 😂

Kutton ka mazak nai yar:


We reckon that’s not how it works:


Baat toh hai boy mei:



Creepily apt and yet very wrong:

Nervousness hi next level hoti hai yar:

And while many were busy mocking the cricketer, there were some who actually stood up for him:

People found the jokes to be in bad taste:

Ironic, isn’t it?

Couldn’t agree more:

No matter what the issue is, yeh single lot ke apne hi dukhray hotay hain:

Seedhi baat hai that you guys can’t beat us when it comes to banter:

What do you think about this little mishap? Let us know in the comments below!

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