Digital Journey Of Lulusar

Lulusar is showcasing a number of flattering looks designed digitally and crafted in precision to create a better fit for you. Considering the growing importance of digital design software in the fashion industry CLO3D can reduce sample overproduction, transport costs, speed up the design process, and provide a realistic image of a design before it is manufactured. The 3D render of the ensembles and the outfits in reality are a mirror image of each other which shows the effectual power of 3d modeling. By introducing their 3D design and development process, Lulusar aims to change the current manufacturing practices of the fashion industry.

The development process of designing and crafting a look digitally before manufacturing, revolutionizes the way design practices are observed in Pakistan. This is just a beginning of a movement that will redefine the fashion industry. The virtual launch of this line has brought a great opportunity for the consumers to explore the collection in true digital fashion style. Be an integral part of their journey and experience a fashion revolution as the campaign’s live in stores and online.


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