Diamond Foam selling ‘Faulty Foam’ for last one year

Recently, Diamond Foam has been running an electronic media advertising campaign in which the public is being asked to avoid purchasing of Faulty foams manufactured by Diamond.

In the current context, it is unusual that any company calls its own manufactured and sold products “Faulty” and advises people to avoid its purchasing and make celebrities their representative/brand ambassadors and through them the public should be told to stop buying Faulty foam and get rid of it.

It is to be noted that Diamond Foam’s application for registration of faulty foam, it is further established that an affidavit from Diamond Foam has been submitted by their Company Director Mudassar Shafi and Manager Usman Naveed in Copyright Registry which illustrate that it is clearly declared that the diamond foam industry has been manufacturing and selling faulty (poor quality and substandard) foam for the last one year.

Copyright Application No. 2020/450 dated February 14, 2020 has been filed by Diamond Products in the name of Faulty Foam which has been published in the Official Gazette of the Copyright Registry on Page No. 79.

The same can be easily ascertained through the online link below:


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