Dear Celebrities, Here are 10 things you need to stop

Dear celebs, we all know you have gained the heights that we’ve all always dreamt of in the Pakistani media industry. You all have fans, and of course, you all have gained so much respect. But, let’s be honest, things have gotten way out of hand recently.

We’ve all had to take a backseat and observe what has transpired in the last few weeks and we now think it’s high time you understand these 10 things…

1. Stop the social media war

We all fight yes, but can we stop making it a battle of the egos? You have fans because they love your positivity, let’s learn to stick to that?


2. Stop the following/unfollowing race

It’s alright if you ‘weren’t already following someone to unfollow them’, but even if you were, how about understanding there’s nothing cool in doing either? Let’s realise there’s so much more than this out there!


3. Please listen to your PR

If there’s one thing that needs to be understood, it’s that your PR is your best friend. If they tell you to stop going rogue on social media, understand that’s only for your own betterment! No one likes an egotistical monster on their hands!

4. Stop blaming the media!

Yes, the media is everyone’s favourite go-to people to put the blame for anything that YOU do on social media, but all that the media does is report. Stop the menace, see the traction go away.

5. Mind your own business and respect the fraternity

No one likes a cry baby but no one likes a nosy neighbour either. How about we all learn that there’s more fun in respect than the personal attacks it has come down to?

6. Learn what to post

In the age of social media enlightenment, let’s please understand not all your beliefs need to go up on your social media profiles. Less is more, repeat after us.

7. Stop feeding the trolls

We all have our haters, but it’s high time you stop replying to their messages. You’re only fueling up the monster that craves for your attention!

8. Don’t wash your dirty linen in public

No one’s a saint, let’s get that straight. But, how about we keep our stories about each other limited to the places we meet instead of making them into a social media frenzy? We all owe each other that.

9. Stop denying your relationships


We’ve all heard the ‘we’re just friends’ line, and we’re honestly sick of it. It’s 2019, how about we either define the relationship or stop bringing them with us everywhere and yet deny who they are!

10. Learn to be comfortable with the language you speak

We all have a language we find the most comfortable, and it’s time we accept it. Let’s not make it a competition to make English a compulsory thing for anyone!


What do you think the celebs need to stop doing? Tell us in the comments section below.

  1. All celebrities give us strong messages from their dramas & shows but in their personal life some of them always disappoint us. This should be stop that they bring their personal issues on social media,, they should grow up now.

  2. Celebs Need To Stop Living In A Delusional Bubble/ Fame Is Given To Them & Can Easily Be Taken Away! It Is Never Their’s To Own…NEXT!

  3. I think the 6th one is the best celebs should understand.They should know what to post and what to not.What to make public and what to make private.I think they should draw a border of limits before socialising and criticising each other.

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