D’Alma – A Taste of the Mediterranean

Since its inception, D’Alma has been the talk of the town for so many reasons, both positive and negative. However, I had to check it for myself before jumping to any conclusions.

5 of us chose to go there for dinner. We ordered the Argentinian Citrus Risotto and Setubal’s Special Squid for starters. For the mains ordered the Latin Taco Platter and Mediterranean Meat Platter.

The first thing I tried was the risotto. It was creamy and had a distinct citrusy flavor to it. The squid was grilled and not batter-fried for a change. The grilling made the squid tender to eat, and not rubbery at all.

The star of the show was definitely the meat platter! The price gave us all a mini heart attack, I’m not going to lie. But when it arrived at the table, all we could do was drool at its magnificence. We dug in and I kid you not, the meat was worth the price, cooked to almost perfection, where you didn’t have to use a steak knife. A firm touch of your spoon/fork pulled it apart. Loved the chops and pulled beef too.

Tacos were served in a soft shell and the sides were the regular affair of salsa sour cream and guacamole. Again, the meat quality stood out and the taco shells weren’t your floury, rubbery fare.

Overall, D’alma was a delight Now, I know there will be two things everyone will be asking me to address, so here you are. Yes, it is pricey. No, it’s not for everyone. Yes, the owner is passionate about her establishment, about her food, but is in no way overbearing or intrusive. Portuguese cuisine made with imported, high quality ingredients served in an exceptionally beautiful ambiance, you’re paying for the entire experience. I would highly recommend that those who are curious about discovering different cuisines and wish to expand their palate and enjoy a culinary experience should definitely visit D’Alma.

However, if you feel the price point is too high, don’t go. But if you like good food and don’t mind the per head cost, do give D’Alma a go.

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