Cornered Tigers: Inside the Epic Tale of the 1992 Cricket World Cup

In this compelling story of resilience and glory, see how unyielding persistence, emotional triumphs, and inspirational leadership turned underdogs into legends.

Mark your calendars, cricket lovers and sports enthusiasts from all around the world! A first-of-its kind docuseries that will provide a never-before-seen perspective on the memorable 1992 Cricket World Cup is all set to premiere on your screens on the 13th of July. This Tapmad original production, “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story,” takes us on a thrilling journey through the historic victory of the Pakistan cricket team. Prepare to revisit the events that forever altered Pakistan’s cricket scene. This docu-series, which is being produced by the brilliant Nina Kashif and directed by the gifted Adnan Sarwar, promises to be an engrossing homage to the heroes who etched their victorious footprints on cricketing history.

Featuring Cricket Legends:
Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Javed Miandad, and a host of other legendary cricketers will be featured in the “Cornered Tigers” roster. These legendary cricketers, whose names have since been linked to the grandeur of Pakistani cricket, offer priceless insights and the first-hand narrative of their extraordinary journey.

A preview of the emotional trip that lies ahead is provided by the official teaser, which teases viewers with firsthand accounts from these legendary cricketers. These tidbits serve as the foundation for a remarkable docuseries, from Shoaib Akhtar’s memory of how cricket became an integral part of his breathing process to Mushtaq Ahmed’s reflection on the enduring effects of the World Cup victory.

Challenges and Failures Faced by the Boys:

We are taken back to the earliest days of the 1992 World Cup in the beginning parts of this outstanding documentary. The stage is set, and the difficulties the Pakistan cricket team is facing are highlighted. The team’s path to success was paved with obstacles and hardships. They had no idea, however, that this competition would serve as the starting point for an unparalleled transition.

Exclusive Interviews: Reflections and Experiences that lead to victory

“Cornered Tigers” offers a detailed and insightful representation of the players’ personal experiences, emotions, and observations during the World Cup campaign through exclusive interviews with the players themselves. The docuseries enables viewers to have a deeper connection with the cricketing legends who supported the aspirations of a whole nation.

One of the most celebrated and featured in the series, cricket players, Wasim Akram, reminisced on his journey and said, “People think it was Imran Khan who discovered me, but it’s actually the legend Javed Miandad who spotted my potential and changed my life.” These interviews offer a rare chance to hear first-person stories from the legendary cricketers themselves.

The docuseries uncovers the struggles that challenged their determination, their achievements that exceeded expectations, and the firm spirit that pushed them ahead.

In his reflections on the legendary semifinal game against New Zealand, Moin Khan, a significant player of the winning team, said, “Hitting the winning six and four in the semifinal versus New Zealand was an epic moment. I was able to accomplish exactly what our team needed by playing patiently. These first-person anecdotes give the tale more realism and enable viewers to experience the tension and emotions of those crucial times.

The Dream Team Driven to Victory in Imran Khan’s Captaincy:

The recognized captain Imran Khan turns out to be the story’s key character. The team was brought together by his inspiring leadership, which served as the impetus they needed to soar to new heights. “Cornered Tigers” honors his forward-thinking attitude by emphasizing the crucial part he played in determining the team’s future.

“I started following cricket in 1992, and it gradually became a passion for me,” said Shoaib Akhtar, a bowler famed for his ferocious balling. Passion developed into a profession, which eventually infused it into my breathing. These touching testimonials vividly depict the team’s unwavering spirit and their ardent passion for the game.

The triumph of the 1992 Cricket World Cup has a legendary aura for people born in the 1990s. The film “Cornered Tigers” tries to bring this legend to life, four decades after that momentous victory. Generation Z and Alpha need to hear this tale in order to understand how their cricketing role models overcame adversity and cemented their places in sporting history.

The Legend Unfolds on July 13th!

Nina Kashif, the docuseries’ producer, says “Cornered Tigers tells the tale, by the heroes who made it possible. Unrelenting resolve, focused commitment and sturdy belief in their leadership was what Pakistan team was made of! An apolitical story, told by those who wrote it….”

The docuseries is destined to enthrall viewers all over the world with its superb storytelling, exclusive interviews, and stunning, never-before-seen footages. Join Tapmad, the top online video streaming platform, as they bring this story of a heroic journey to your screens.
July 13th, 2023 is a date you should remember for the exclusive Tapmad premiere of “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story.

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