Candid Talk – Wardha Saleem

What is your favorite garment?

Nicely tailored ivory and white button down with black skin fitted jeans

Have you ever had a scary fashion moment?


Who is the best dressed female celebrity to you?

Maheen khan/ Kate Middleton

Best dressed male celebrity?

Daniel Craig / Arjun Rampal

Which of your shoot is your personal favorite?

Thar collection shot by Tapu Javeri in 2008

What is the craziest thing you have ever bought?

My dog OREO

What is your favorite way to relax?

Call my friends home and chill out with them or head to the beach

If your wardrobe burnt down, and you could save two garments, what would they be?

My black denim jeans and my favorite ivory top.

If you could dress anyone in Pakistan, who would you pick?

Benazir Bhutto if she was alive

What is the one thing all women should wear?

Deodorants 😉

And one thing they just shouldn’t?

Too much volume in clothes during day time and working hrs

A trend you love?

Printed lowers

Model who does justice to your clothes?

Iraj, Faiza ansari,Amna ilyas

What’s a complete fashion no no?

Blonde hair

Your favorite designer, local and international?

Rizwan beyg , Maheen Khan, Rohit bal , Manish Malhotra ,Alexander McQueen

16. Any fashion fetish?


The one accessory that will never go out of style?

Classic Cartier Watch

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Animal skin

Describe your design philosophy?

Minimal, Clean approach to tradition meets modernity

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