Candid Talk – Tena Durrani

What is your favorite garment?

A black layered tunic

Have you ever had a scary fashion moment?

I’m hardly the fashionista in the first place!

Who is the best dressed female celebrity to you?


Best dressed male celebrity?

Ammar Belal

Which of your shoot is your personal favorite?

A shoot we did with Sadaf in my house – Camellia Progressive

What is the craziest thing you have ever bought?

7” high python handpainted loubs

What is your favorite way to relax?

TV Shows

If your wardrobe burnt down, and you could save two garments, what would they be?

All my shoes!

If you could dress anyone in Pakistan, who would you pick?

No one in particular comes to mind.

What is the one thing all women should wear?

Great Shoes!

And one thing they just shouldn’t?

MK Bags!

A trend you love?

I don’t believe in trends

Model who does justice to your clothes?

Rabia Butt amongst others

What’s a complete fashion no no?

Not dressing for your body type.

Your favorite designer, local and international?

Bunto Kazmi and Valentino

Any fashion fetish?


The one accessory that will never go out of style?

A great watch.

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

A short dress.

Describe your design philosophy?

Classic with an edge!

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