Best Moments of Green Entertainment Dramas

Junaid Gives Fari a Ride in 22 Qadam

In the second episode of 22 Qadam, something quite amusing happens. Fari, played by Hareem Farooq, and Junaid, played by Wahaj Ali, meet in a very unusual way. Junaid offers Fari a ride, but she scares him by pretending to swing a cricket bat. Fari insists on going to her university, and during the car ride, they argue funnily. Fari is concerned about her safety, and Junaid doesn’t seem impressed. When they part ways, Junaid jokingly hopes they never meet again, and Fari agrees.

This scene stands out because it’s really funny and shows how Fari and Junaid interact. It’s just the beginning of their relationship, and it promises to be entertaining and a little crazy as the drama continues.



A Divorce Business

The best scene in episode 17 of “101 Talaqain” featuring Zahid Ahmed as Rustom is both hilarious and clever. Rustom’s unique and comical approach to his employer, where he humorously suggests capitalizing on divorces by ensuring every couple in their society breaks up, adds a touch of absurdity to the series. The scene stands out due to its entertaining and lighthearted delivery of a seemingly ridiculous business idea, making it both stupid and funny, which resonates with the audience and showcases Zahid Ahmed’s comedic talent.


A Heartwarming Scene in Working Women

In the fourth episode of “Working Women,” there is a heartwarming scene that lingers in your memory. Maria Wasti’s character is engaged in a conversation with Adnan Jafri when their house staff, Ayesha, and TT, enter the room. TT, in a rather shy and endearing manner, asks if he can take Ayesha out for tea or spend some quality time together. Maria graciously grants permission, with the only condition that he returns before dinner time to prepare the evening meal. This simple yet sweet exchange reflects the genuine bonds that form among individuals, transcending social hierarchies. The icing on the cake is when Adnan Jafri, noticing the young couple, calls TT aside before he leaves and hands him some money. It’s a touching gesture, a reminder of the generosity of spirit, and an embodiment of the caring relationships that make Working Women a memorable watch.


A Heartfelt Bond in Kabli Pulao

The best scene in Kabli Pulao encapsulates the pure and genuine chemistry between Barbeena and Haji Mushtaq. It’s a moment where Haji Mushtaq, who has lived a long life, utters the words, “Kabhi Kabhi Insan Khud Koo Khudi Heeran Kar Deta Hai” (Sometimes a person amazes themselves). This profound statement beautifully captures the essence of the drama and the relationship between the characters.


Fatima’s nightmare in Fatima Feng

The best part of Fatima Feng is when Fatima has a dream that shows how people keep telling her to get married. In her dream, she imagines marrying someone with their face hidden behind flowers, which represents how unsure she feels about her future husband. The dream becomes a bad one, and she wakes up shocked. This shows how the pressure to get married affects her thoughts and feelings. It’s a powerful moment that tells us about the stress she faces from society’s expectations.

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