The trailer for ‘Baaji – The Film’ is out and it’s everything you would want to see!


Debuting his directorial, filmmaker Saqib Malik has finally released the trailer for his much-awaited flick, Baaji – the film, and the sneak peek is to die for!

Adding the right touch of everything that you need in a Summer classic, the trailer promises a ride that is not only full of glitz and glamour, but also packs the right amount of punch at the right places. There’s masala, there are a plethora of emotions, and the best part, there’s Meera!

What did Diva love about the trailer?

Here’s the lowdown…

 The Glamour

The trailer doesn’t fall short on the luxe factor and that’s for sure. There are moments where the glitter of the entertainment world shines through and then moments where the glimmer fades down – if that’s not an apt depiction of glamour then we don’t know what is!

The Direction

With Saqib Malik helming the project, there wasn’t an ounce of doubt that the film would be dramatic at the right places. He’s never shy to use melodrama as a focal point, and that’s the right sort of direction we expected from him.

The Production Design

Lights, camera, action – it all takes place in a world that looks like it’s so real yet so unattainable. That’s all thanks to the brilliant production design that we can see in the trailer that makes it feel relevant. We love it!

The Storyline


Although we’re sure the story’s ought to be slightly different than what the trailer shows, but what we’ve seen is drama, a fall from grace and hints of revenge, and we can’t help but be dazzled by all of it. Baaji is truly all that was missing from the cinema screens.


Any mention of the trailer or of the film would be incomplete without mentioning Meera and that’s a fact. She looks like a million bucks and acts tenfolds of that. She’s the right amount of drama and therefore the best thing this film has on offer.

Amna Ilyas


We’ve seen her in plenty of films to know her acting prowess but in Baaji’s trailer, she finally looks comfortable in her setting. She plays the role of rags to riches and it shows her acting repertoire oh so beautifully!

Osman Khalid Butt


Three cheers for OKB to finally leave the last bits of Balu Mahi behind him! His acting is applaudable, his looks are to die for, and of course, his quintessential glamour boy archetype makes him the perfect fit for Baaji.

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The Nostalgia


For anyone who’s grown on Lollywood films and the songs of Naheed Akhter and Runa Laila, this film will surely appeal to you with all of its odes to the industry that once was, the actresses that once made head turns, and songs which made the body move. All we can say is, Don’t be silly! 

Check out the trailer here and tell us what you think in the comments section below:


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